Introduction to Fonts and Typefaces I Part 1

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Creation of a beautiful font is more about art than science. Although there are no

absolute rules of their combinations among themselves, and imagination can be

limitless, Sterling Ad introduces you the advised ways and invites to discuss best practices of web typography.

In below article Sterling Ad will guide you through basic types, their differences and best


Understanding the difference between the fonts

There are different classifications of fonts. And it is quite hard to classify them one from

another at the beginning. But for now, lets focus on just 4 of them.

So we highlighted 4 largest classifications :

Antiqua - fonts with serifs*

Grotesque - fonts without serifs*


Monospace - typewriter fonts

* Serif - a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces

Can you define the difference between these four? Let us explain.

When writing a short text

You can use Grotesque mainly when writing short. And its more preferable in larger

format (25+ pt) than other fonts. Because it does not contain serifs, it will be hard to read

Grotesque in small formatting.

This type of font looks modern, it makes your reader feel chill.

You can as well use this font when writing subtitles or introductions, formatting branding


At Sterling Ad we do not design the logo in Grotesque, but we can definitely use it for secondary, after the logo text, e.g. in the slogan.

REFER TO FONTS: Apercu, Supria Sans, Dia, MarrSans, Maple, Futura, Proxima Nova.

When writing a long text

Use Antiqua. See why. Because this font is easy to read. You can use it in small format and

your reader can recognise all letters. Books are edited in Antiqua.

Antiqua is also recognized in many brands’ logos.

REFER TO FONTS: Georgia, Charter, Nexa, Caslon, Garamond, Tiampos Text, Calluna, FF Tisa.

When Branding

Handwrite and Monospaced are mainly used for logos and headlines. Think of these

fonts when finalising your brand editorials. They are our preferred as for beauty and

creativity, but only when captured in headlines – if you make of them your text’s main

font they lose their creativity.

REFER TO FONTS: Courier, Inconsolata, Apercu Mono, Maison Mono, Nitti

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