Introduction to Fonts and Typefaces I Part 2

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

This blog is second part of Sterling Ad's writing about Fonts and Typefaces. If you didn't read first article, click here and learn about basic types of fonts.

Downloading free Fonts

Basic fonts on your PC will not ensure making the text creative and beautiful enough.

Good thing is that today you can find variety of free fonts on internet and in your mind, you maybe have a question “Why is it for free?”. The explanation is that there are student designers who work on this topic during their university projects and after finishing the work they make those available on different stocks to help people like us.

While this is awesome that you can save 20-50 EUR, there is one problem: these fonts are not

perfect and often contain mistake. You need to choose them very carefully – started by checking all letters and symbols in Word, to be sure that every single one is perfect. Otherwise if you start your project and in the middle of it you discover that there is one symbol or letter poorly designed, you would need to change the font of the entire project.

Download free fonts from Google Fonts, DaFont.

Unique fonts? You will need to buy them

Average price of a font is 35-50 EUR, but note that for this price you buy only one type of the font. It means you need to choose between Italic, Bold, Semibold or Light. If you want to buy more than one type, you need to multiply the price per type. Of course, there is always discounted option out there or a good price available for one entire family of fonts. Thus, surfing the internet for special offers will help you saving money.

Not there to buy a font yet? Then check the usage of fonts by different designers, demonstrating the tips and tricks on the special web page: for instance.

Buy fonts from or find a graphic designer who can create them for you. Those who are ready to pay for, have the richest options and choices.
Save downloaded or bought font in your removable drive to avoid problems when demonstrating presentations on a different computer.

Consider the context of the font

Before buying a font Sterling Ad recommends to give a deep thought to understand which kind of context you foresee, detail the style of your product. You need to make context and style fitting each other.

The poster for cafeteria should be created under different font than the one advertising a luxury restaurant.

Every font is made for different products and tasks.

Not everything depends on the choice of font

Your goal is not only choosing a “beautiful, speaking” font, but correctly using the basics of


The result is influenced by combination of the selected:

 Font

 Size

 Style (e.g. Bold or Italic)

 Distance between the lines (leading)

 Distance between letters (tracking and kerning)

 Indents and margins

 Use of typographic characters (e.g. long dashes and quotes)

 Color

 Composition

 Visual hierarchy

 Presence of other graphic elements … to list it!

The rule is simple: simple is good, more simple is better! This concerns not only the design, but also the content itself.

Learn basics of typography and stay simple.

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