Photo Shooting in Autumn

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Autumn is a golden time of the year for every photographer. You dispose all ranges of colors, comfortable conditions to photoshoot and of course nice weather.

In Sterling Ad we adore photo takes in Autumn and put below together few useful tips on 'Photoshooting in Autum'.

Golden Times

This is more relevant for summer and autumn seasons, but makes more effect while autumn, because of yellow and read leaves (especially when you're shooting with backlight).

Don't be afraid of using sunlight

Check Exposure

In general when you shoot a picture with a backlight (bright sun for example), be ready to change exposure on +1 or +2 degrees before shooting.

If you forget to change exposure before shooting - no worries, you will be able to give it a control it in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

Use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for corrections.

Colors Spectrum

REMEMBER: Turn the RAW mode on on your camera before starting the photoshoot so that you could control colors, shades and lights on the picture in any editing application with no problem.

If you are not in mood of setting it in manual mode and spending afterwards your time on editing, don’t even think to turn on the AUTO. It will unbalance all the coloring and you will get horrible pictures. At least try to use Landscape mood (but again, Sterling Ad recommends to set the mode up manually).

RAW mode - ON

Drama VS Joyful

Autumn is interesting by its fact that at that season you can afford shooting both dramatic and joyful pictures. If you wish the joyful pictures, focus on different colors and shades, include the sun and the blue of the sky in your landscape. On the other hand, to get dramatic pictures you want to flash leaves falling or tree, standing alone, leafless at the time of sunset.

Use scale of emotions and different moods


Everything around you can make a really beautiful contrast. For example yellow/red leaves and blue sky, or green grass and yellow leaves, or white building in the middle of yellow/red trees.

Freely play with different colors

Location of your Photo Shoot

You don’t need to think too much about it. Just pack your bag, take your camera and choose some beautiful park in your city. You can also think of traveling to the some small, not urbanized city.

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