Think well about your Marketing Strategy

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Quite often we think that marketing is an easy game, especially nowadays when we have full access to any kind of open-source information or networks.

It may seem that reading or learning few skills on graphic design and making of it a creative content will help to successfully finalize your advertisement, and then the last thing you’ll have to do is to share your advertisement on Social Networks.

Well, unfortunately, the process is not that easy! To be successful you should consider a marketing strategy and develop well thought out planning.

In this blog the Sterling Ad will enlighten details on few though essential and important insights which will help you to develop your marketing strategy.

Ideal Profile

One of the most important elements of a strategy is the creation and development of an ideal profile. Perfect seeing of what makes it to be ideal will allow you to build the entire business, send out powerful messages, attire interest to your products and services, increase sales and finally support around attracting and serving your narrowly defined customer group.

You cannot consider tangible results of your campaign if you fail in this step in your strategy planning.

Target group or who is interested in your ad

Understand in details your target group’s needs, their expectations and pain points. What makes them excited and interested, what will serve them the best, what will make their lives easier? And then put that in your content plan and action.

Don't forget about visualization effects. Make the content as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Be consistent

Create a rich content in advance, establish a strong Social Media planning and stick to it. Be regular and consistent. Posting, sharing, educating and entertaining your audience will be your goal.


Develop a month-by-month schedule on budget reviewing and check on what you plan to spend the money on. Include a “red light” decision point. For each activity, establish a metric which will tell you stop if it action step does not generate sufficient return on investment (ROI).


Track your marketing success with Google Analytics for website conversions and a simple Excel sheet to compare your budget against the actual ROI. Test programs over the course of a 30 to 60 day period, and evaluate the results. Repeat programs which are supporting sales or subscription to your mailing lists, and get rid of the ones which are not.

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