Travel Photography. Part 2

When going on holiday people strive taking best possible photos to remind them the special moments when looking back.

Emotions, atmosphere, smell and taste, sights… a good photo can bring back all of these feelings and memories.

Sterling Ad shares the photographing prime tips which will help you to make spectacular pictures from your stay.

Your own kit

If you take along your own kit it should contain wad of memory cards, lightweight mini tripod or even the super flexible Gorillapod, portable storage unit, pocket-sized compact, flash unit, selection of lenses and durable camera bag that distributes the weight evenly over your shoulders and protects the camera against heat, cold, sand and moisture.

Right Mode

Shooting in RAW and JPEG Fine will offer you greater flexibility on return, but will also mean you’ll need to travel with some high capacity memory cards.

Get in to the habit of downloading your images on a laptop or photo storage device every night so you can free up your memory cards for the next day.

When planning a day off shooting, you want to double cards/capacity ensuring.

Photographing from the first person

While shooting travel stories, take few first-person shots. For example, frame the picture with a cup of coffee in your hand, or your hand on the steering wheel of a bike or of a motorcycle.

This compositional effect involving “You” as the main character, the “narrator” in the frame allows viewers to see the illustration from your perspective, with your eyes. With a camera in skilful hands, this is a really solid trick! So we recommend you start trying immediately and without hesitation.

Sun road

On sunset, capture paths, bridges, alleys and any other lines leading to the sun. 

Shooting in closed diaphragm (approximately f 7.1 / f 9) gets you cool sun rays diverging along the path, creating a beautiful compositional solution.We call that solution "The Road to the Light.”

Play with angles

It is not necessary to photograph everything strictly from its horizontal frame position, allow yourself be creative. E.g., take the picture of the city in a reflection of the water, and then turn the frame upside down or take the very close picture of a toy car so that it looks real.

Long exposure

Take with you at least a mini tripod. It will give you a wide scope for creativity, you’ll be thankful!

For instance, setting the shutter speed on the camera for more than 1 second, you can blur the movement of water and get picturesque photos of fountains, mountain rivers or sea surf at sunset.

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